Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thoughts on the Solstice

It’s amazing how dark it is at 6:30 these days as the solstice approaches. Even though December 21st is the shortest day of the year, it’s not my least favorite day. I’m happy to see it because it means the following days will get longer.

It’s the longest day, in June, that makes me sad.

With all the talk of the world ending on December 21st, we don’t realize that a solar flare could come at anytime and wipe earth out. Not to scare anyone, but if you were getting your karma worked out for December, you probably should plan on keeping it straight—just in case you wake up on the 22nd and are still here.

I have a pre-solstice resolution to be more diligent in updating Sun Vision. It’s not just 2012 that we have to get through, the CMEs coming fast and furious these days. Even if we’re not seeing as many sunspots this maximum, there are still lots of coronal holes blasting away.

Background change:
While I liked the colors of the previous background, this new one is more sun-like.

Sparkie update:
Chapter 15 is almost ready. Jimmy has a surprise that rocks Pete’s long held assumptions.