The Sensation

I will feel “shifted” not quite dizzy but not completely normal. If the solar event happens during sleep, I will dream and remember the dreams.

An anxiety will shadow me. When there are several small eruptions the anxiousness will build and even turn to anger with no real source.

If the solar eruption includes a solar wind stream, once the stream reaches Earth the anxiety releases relieving the tension.

Other Sensitives

My sister feels the shift and a feeling of vertigo and will gag when a large one hits. She dreams at night but in the daytime, the gagging doesn’t let her concentrate on visions.

My husband tells me about long and detailed dreams. He doesn’t report any daytime “shiftiness” though he does experience the anxiety sensations.

My Aunt reports the anxiety and anger.

One friend experiences a surge in creativity and anxiety.

Another friend reports visions similar to mine.